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The Beauty and Bio-diversity

of Belair National Park,

the Photography and Vision

of Marianne Broug.

Over time I've often been asked to put my photos together in book format, so I finally decided to do something about it. This 60-page high-quality magazine-style publication is the result.

Not only does it showcase the beauty of Belair National Park, it also contains lots of information and is highly educational. It has been extremely popular with all ages.

The many subjects include mammals, birds, reptiles, arachnids, butterflies, insects of all description, flowers, fungi and trees, but also celebrates the seasons, the rain, textures, form, surprises, awe, wonder and weirdness etc. It gives names (often also in Latin) and descriptions of all photos, and also includes my own story when it is relevant.Below is a sampling of a few interior pages.

I've done 2 print runs so far, both of which sold out in under 3 hours. 


Copies can be purchased/pre-purchased from me for $25 (add an extra $10 for postage and handling within Australia).

All profits will be donated to Friends of Belair National Park.

To purchase, please contact me for further information and bank transfer details.

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