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I was asked by a local community action group to photograph the bio-diversity and natural wealth of a small area ear-marked for non-essential roadworks. The resulting photo collage was used on flyers and promotional material.

James Road collage 2.jpg
Screenshot 2021-10-14 115749.jpg
Screenshot 2021-10-02 165654.jpg

Photos and videos of an undescribed genus of sun-loving moths used for a Melbourne-based citizen science project. Click on photo for link to full photos and video on Instagram.

An article will be published in December featuring a number of my photos.


Macro images of Uraba lugens eggs on eucalyptus leaves used on The Butterfly House database of Australian lepidoptera.
Click on photo for link to page with my photos.

Uraba lugens small (2).JPG
Protea 2.JPG
Maria 5.JPG

I was asked to photograph a private garden.

Maria 3.JPG

Framed photos bought by clients.

Nynke framed photos.jpg
Framed feather a.JPG

A mix-and-match or guessing game for primary schools. Encouraging children to look more closely at nature and more specifically, our bird species.

eye collage 2 names.jpg
bird collage 3.jpg
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