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Eucalypt Leaves and Insects POSTER
-landscapes of biodiversity-

Leaf Collage complete small.jpg

This poster is of Eucalyptus leaves, the insects that live on them and the 'tracks' they leave. My hope is to get folks thinking about the fact that in a healthy ecosystem, leaves are meant to be eaten and 'used'.

Many of our native insects are utterly dependent on their native plant hosts as a food source, as a place to hide, as a place to find mates to carry on the species, and doubtless for other critically important reasons. Leaves don't have to be 'perfect' and not all bugs are 'pests'. Insects run this world and are critical to our biosphere and survival. Insects need to eat.

The 25MB digital file for this poster for a one-off printing is available for $10. Please contact me. This works for up to a very large poster.

It is also available without the heading and makes an impressive artwork. 


I have a free table showing the names of all the insects. This is free upon request.

Please contact me.

This poster has been used in many different ways for education ...

Below are images from Blackburn Lake Sanctuary Visitor Centre in Victoria with the poster printed large and displayed. They had then taken considerable effort highlighting the various critters and adding additional material.

Apparently it is a super popular exhibit! Really pleasing. Insects are so vital to the biosphere and our very existence.

Blackburn Lake Sanctuary visitor centre 3.JPG
Blackburn Lake Sanctuary Visitor Centre.JPG
Blackburn Lake Sanctuary visitor centre (2).JPG
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