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In the Media and in Publications

My image of Caladenia leptochila, Narrow-lipped Spider Orchid (also called Queen Spider Orchid), shared on the Friends of Belair National Park Facebook page, Oct 2023.

Screenshot 2023-11-02 080338.JPG

My image of Zygometis xanthogaster, Milky Flower Spider, used by the Atlas of Living Australia in various places and media. September, 2023.

Also in Cosmos Magazine and by the CSIRO.

Screenshot 2023-11-02 082734.JPG

My images used in the Conservation Council SA 2023 Calendar, in support of Adelaide's trees and canopy #LoveMyCanopySA.

IMG_1056 (002).JPG
IMG_1057 (002).JPG
IMG_1059 (002).JPG
IMG_1060 (002).JPG

Two of my observations chosen as iNaturalist's Observations of the day - Worldwide

Screenshot 2023-11-03 145614.JPG
Screenshot 2023-11-03 145032.JPG

Article and information

about my exhibition in Mitcham Memorial Library

in June, 2022

Click above image for link.

The centre spread of my photos in The Sunday Mail, July 18, 2021.
Article by Clare Peddie.

Photos featuring Belair National Park.

whole 3.jpg


Just stop for a miute and look to the sid of the path, see the way raindrops shine in the early-morning sun and explore the fine detail of the magnificent natural world, she says.

“If you just get into the silence of the place, and what’s happening there, into the space that’s beyond words, I suppose it is a communing with nature, but it’s almost more than that.” Ms Broug says, “We need these big silent spaces, these place that are still not too spoiled, to just replenish and, you know, just feel a more grounded perspective in a way.” "

"Immersed in the silence, surrounded by the natural beauty of Belair National Park, Marianne Broug captures every blessing, every moment of sheer joy and wonder, for all to see.

The Hawthorndene resident has lived in the area for 30 years but only occasionally visited the park until two years ago, when she bought a camera and decided to go for a walk.

Now she takes photos almost every day and shares her discoveries with local community, to show people what’s there, right on their doorstep.

Beyond the blackberries and weeds, there are untouched areas, beautiful bits of the park where there’s “a wealth of orchids and bugs and bandicoots”.

My image of light diffraction in a spider's web used by Australian Geographic as image of the week, May 6, 2021. Click image to see full article.

Australian Geographic.jpg
spider web 7 April a.JPG

Images featured on the ABC TV weather segment.

Click each image for full size. See images on ABC Flickr ...

My image Acacia after Rain featured in the 2020 ABC News Weather Calendar for September..

ABC weather calendar.JPG
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